Shortlisted in the Sony World Photography Award.

Dear family, friends and all:) 
Today I will brag. I'm proud. Once in a lifetime achievement!! 
Hopefully not though;)
I have been selected as one of ten finalist in the architecture category of the worlds biggest photo competition. 
My picture will be displayed on a exhibition at The Somerset house in London in April. 
The winner will be announced in March. But just being top 10 is amazing. You will be hearing more about this. I'll promise:)!!!

Water from under by Photobynow.

Water from under by Photobynow.

Thailand and vacation.

Finally got the Thailand pictures converted from the camera to be viewed here. Amazing place and amazing people and amazingly hot with high humidity. Don't understand why the camera don't like the beach and jungle?? Still a lot sand to be removed fro the gear.

Highway 1

Back from our roadtrip. The beautiful Hwy 1 along the shores of California is amazing. Check out some pictures from our trip and also some of the new pictures in the already existing galleries.

Click on the picture:)

Highway one southbound between San Francisco and LA.

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the amazing comments and thoughts about my website. Please add my website to your favorites and follow me. New pictures will always be added.

Next up is a photo competition called Nordiska Mästerskapen. The themes are summer, spring, fall and vinter. 

The difficult choice is which pictures to choose!?!?! Any ideas???