Down and low to get the shot:)

At the Sony World Photography Award 2016. Exhibition in the Somerset House, London.

At the Sony World Photography Award 2016. Exhibition in the Somerset House, London.


  •  Who I am,

I'm born in 1978 in the town of Jönköping, Sweden. And this is also were I live with my family after being away for 20 years.

My big passions are the outdoors and photography. A great combination as I love to spend days hiking in the nature, trying to find that perfect photograph.

My "real" work provides me with a great opportunity to bring my camera across Europe. And its there I'm capturing more travel and city related pictures such as various buildings and landmarks.

Why a website?

I have two reason to start this website. Firstly you can take all this great shots, but if you have no one to show them to, whats the point? The motivation lies in always achieving perfection. And you can only do that by letting other critique your work.

Secondly I'd love to make a living out of this. Or at least cover the costs for this hobby. This is difficult but better to have tried and failed then never tried at all. Of course all the pictures on my website are for sale in various prints and lay outs. Same goes for my services as a photographer. If you need something photographed - Yourself, kids, car, a house or any other things you can come up with - just contact me and we'll work something out. And it goes with out saying. You not happy me not happy, happy, happy. And then all you spent is some time with me and that's priceless;)

About the pictures,

As I always use the RAW format to take pictures they are all converted to jpeg and enhanced in color, sharpness and contrast. But they are never edited on content. (Dust spots and equivalent not included). So what you see on the picture is what I see in the camera. Unless its a montage of several picture. But they are very obvious. I use Canon cameras and lenses as that's what I know best. And my travel companion is the Sony A7II with a 24-240mm. All pictures on birds and other living things are all taken in the wild as thats a part of the challenge.

All pictures are Copyrighted to Nils Olof Wendel.